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Career hacking

18 October 2019

How to hack a career in sales within 90 days and land your first tech sales role.

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26 October 2019

The best ways to upskill yourself for your first promotion

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Best in class training

28 October 2019

How does Salesology train and why we are the gold standard in sales training

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Getting a promotion

08 November 2019

How to get your first sales promotion within 60 months of starting your first sales role

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Preparing your CV

16 November 2019

Expert guidance on polishing your CV and how to make it from the hundreds of others

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Interview readiness

25 November 2019

Interview coaching, how to avoid making rookie mistakes and how to smash each interview

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BDR role

01 December 2019

What does a role as a BDR entail? What are the core responsibilities and core KPI’s?

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Launch a sales career

17 December 2019

We explore how to pivot your career into sales, how to do it well and how not to do it at all

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Sales metrics

29 December 2019

You’ve landed your tech sales role. Now what? We explore all the KPI’s to which you’ll be measured against.

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