Why hire Salescalator certified SDR’s?

Efficient, effective talent solutions


Reps ramp 8 weeks faster

Salescalator candidates are fully trained and ramped, accustomed on using all the tools needed for the role, mastering inbound and outbound sales, and know how to build a repeatable and scalable sales pipeline.


Candidates available NOW!

Rapidly scale success and reduce your hiring cycle by partnering with us. Our partner companies go from screening the candidates of their choice to making formal offers, on an average, in less than 2 weeks.


Unique grit and diversity to your team

Our mission is to make tech accessible for people from all backgrounds and locations. Let us help you diversify your team.


Trained & qualified

All sales leaders know that a reps ramp up time is an unwanted cost for the company. Our candidates are trained with the best practices needed to become a quota-exceeding SDR. They’re ready to start creating opportunities and build pipeline immediately. Our candidates possess a growth mindset, process orientation, and are ready to compete.


Less churn & better retention

The average tenure of an SDR at a company is 8 months before they shift to another company. We train and mentor our candidates to drive success and grow their career on your team. Our ongoing mentorship and 1:1 coaching ensures your organisation goals are aligned to your hires.


Become a hiring partner

Get priority access to highly qualified candidates that have been rigorously trained and evaluated. You have the option of prescreening and preselecting them at the start of the programme or select them once they have graduated.

Hire our graduates

Transform your sales team with Salescalator and grow faster with pre-trained sales talent.



Access to hire from a vast pipeline of diverse Salescalator graduates, along with white glove job placement services.


Bespoke new hire training, based on company specific technologies, culture, and goals.



Short-form courses to improve sales fluency among all employees to increase productivity in their current roles.


Long-form courses to retrain non-sales employees, with the intent of placing them into sales roles within your company.



World-class coaching and job placement services for existing employees in pursuit of future sales opportunities.


Company funded scholarships focused on sending specific student populations through Salescalator’s program.

Top tech companies are hiring Salescalator graduates

Scale faster with pre-trained sales talent

  • Greater diversity than any
    other channel
  • Weeks faster quota attainment
    compared to standard hires
  • Reduced hiring time compared
    to standard sourcing methods
  • Faster promotion for
    Salescalator grads
  • Quota attainment after three
    months on-the-job

How It Works?

As a Salescalator partner, you'll have priority access to the best sales talent before anyone else.

01. Connect

As a Salescalator partner, you'll be paired with a partnership manager who will work with you to understand how your sales team functions, so we can build a list of prospects most likely to succeed at your company.

02. Receive Curated Prospects

Next, your account manager will send over a list of top candidates for you to request interviews with. Once you have submitted your requests, your account manager will personally introduce each candidate to you via email.

03. Interview

Take our candidates through your standard interview process. Feel free to move them ahead as quickly as you’d like. Our hand-selected members are excited about your specific company and culture, which makes for a productive and promising interviewing process.

04. Hire

Once you've decided which candidate(s) you would like to hire, put your best foot forward and make a formal offer. Upon acceptance they join without delay.

Top tech companies love hiring Salescalator graduates

Hundreds of diverse companies love hiring from Salescalator.

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“The hiring process through Salescalator is the way recruiting is meant to be done. Hiring over CV’s is flawed, impersonal and often replete with jargon. Hiring events give candidates and companies an efficient way to interact where the job candidate really gets an opportunity to shine. Having a portfolio at the ready is an indispensable way for a hiring manager to see firsthand what capabilities a candidate has."

Ron Lin, Co-Founder & CTO, Card.com